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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Looking Back and Reflecting on My Recapping of What Has Been


Looking Back and Reflecting on My Recapping of What Has Been

    It has been three months since I started this blog. I have watched and reviewed 91 movies. That's more than most people watch in an entire year. I'll admit, it's been rough at times, especially when the movie I am watching is so disgustingly bad I want to shove forks into my eyes and ears. But, I still find this experience very rewarding. I feel I have developed more as a writer and that a career in journalism may be something I find myself seeking sooner rather than later. 

   Before starting the blog, I could only talk about a movie I saw with a handful of friends and half the time I'd be dissecting it more than a normal person would. Along with that, I'd lose the conversation with whomever I was talking with because they wouldn't have as much of an interest in the film as I would. Luckily now, with this blog, I have found an avenue for my discussion, where I can say whatever the hell I want. People are actually regularly reading it, wanting to know what I am going to review next, and even recommending certain films just so they can read my reactions. 

   At only a quarter of the way through my adventure, the feedback is very encouraging. So, I want to thank all of you who read this blog, be it the daily readers or even if you're checking this out for the first time. I hope I have kept all of you entertained and that I even opened your eyes to films you never would have given a chance on your own. My love and obsession with film is even greater now that I have this blog and I hope that you, as the reader, will see that in everything I write.

Here's to another nine months of movies everyday and a lifetime of love for the cinematic feature.


And, for a short recap, here are some of the best as well as the worst films I've seen so far

The Best:

The Worst:


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