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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Jan 24: Astro Boy


Jan 24: Astro Boy

"Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the son he has lost."

   For the second film of "The Glorification of the Great Nicolas Cage", I chose to watch something that highlighted one of his many talents, voice acting. In Astro Boy, Cage voices Dr. Tenma, the "Father of Robotics" and the man that helps a futuristic Metro City function day to day. If there was anyone in the world who could be believable as a genius scientist, it would be Nic Cage. Hearing him voice this scientist gives me hope for the future, knowing full well that Nic Cage's genius will help mankind. 

Does this face look like the face of someone who would let us down?

  But moving on to more of the actual film itself, Astro Boy is actually kind of depressing. Within the first fifteen minutes, Cage's son is literally disintegrated in front of his eyes. Cage then goes mad scientist on us and recreates his son in robot form, even installing his memories from a single strand of hair left behind. Something so sad that no parent should ever have to experience, turns into a very disturbing moment. The fact that the whole "creation" happens in just a couple minutes makes it all the more creepy. It's kind of like if you see your dog get run over by a car, then immediately run to your room and make a new pooch out of Legos. 

It's like he never left! 

   The animation in Astro Boy is pretty impressive at times, but has moments that show cheap production value. Some scenes have a lot of negative space in them, almost as though they were left unfinished. The film certainly has great moments of creativity and seeing all the different kinds of robots that populate Metro City is fun, especially the group known as the "Robot Revolution Front". But, after awhile, the cheesy humor and "funny" voices they all have grows tiresome and annoying. In fact, the whole film kind of fizzles out. Astro Boy is basically A.I and Pinocchio all rolled into a disturbing kid's movie about an insane man losing his kid. 

Step 1: Skip funeral, Step 2: Do not mourn, Step 3: Become mad man and make a new son out of scrap metal and rockets

Sight: Astro Boy had so much potential when it came to the animation, but falls very flat in most of the scenes. The action sequences are entertaining, but nothing new and original. 
Sound: The sound effects and the score all sound like they were pulled from stock recordings and just add to the cheese factor. 
Skill: The voice acting is sub par, and Astro Boy himself, voiced by the British Freddie Highmore let's his accent slip on more than one occasion. 
Script: The story is rushed and all over the place, almost as though it's ADD. Sure the film is made for kids, but the speedy plot, given the material, makes it all the more creepy. 

Overall: 5.9/10

Best Quote:
Astro Boy: "What? I got machine guns... in my butt?" (yeah... that happens)

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