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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Something New & Fresh


Something New & Fresh

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Hey, so I'm three weeks in on this blog and decided it was time to change things up just a tad. Even a movie guru, freak, geek, nerd and lover that I am, would love to hear other opinions on the stuff that I watch or anything else for that matter. I really want to see this blog become more than just a listing of reviews and my crazy ranting about this and that. So, this is me encouraging all you readers to become more involved. I want to hear from you. I want your feedback. I want to make this a blog you can't wait to read every day.

So this is an open invitation to anyone out there. I am wanting to spice this bad boy up a bit and add new articles that are not just your every day review. Yes, this blog is still just a little baby, but with new voices and new material, he (or she) is going to grow up to be one badass kid. If anyone has suggestions or "constructive" criticism, feel free to comment or email me. Also, if you're a movie lover like myself, talk to me about possibly writing something for the blog as well, be it a review, a "top 10" list, or even a rant about a movie you hate (see The Hangover Part II).

Thanks for reading. I promise to keep on entertaining. 
P.S. I am going to start up something new. I am going to be implementing an occasional "theme week", where each film I watch will be related in some way, and the reviews connected as well. 

This first theme week will be "The Glorification of the Great Nicolas Cage"


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