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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Jan 17: Dolphin Tale


Jan 17: Dolphin Tale

"A story centered on the friendship between a boy and a dolphin whose tail was lost in a crab trap."

   I have reviewed foreign, animated, dramatic, pulpy, and comedic movies, so I figured it was time for a heart-warming sappy family film. Well, I really didn't choose to watch this, it was a request from a friend, who I now can say I have lost much respect for with this recommendation. So with that, I think you can tell where this review is going. 
  Dolphin Tale is a movie that takes every possible opportunity to squeeze any bit of that oozy sappiness out of every single chance it has. When you think everything is going swimmingly (yeah, I just did that), the movie throws some kind of handicap your way, be it an Iraqi vet or a little girl. Yes, the movie holds nothing back in trying to get you to drip out the smallest bit of emotion. Oh, and there's a hurricane too. 

There are kittens and dreams inside that storm. 

   The movie's plot is simple. A boy named Sawyer, who's left out of everything (he doesn't even try!), finds a hurt dolphin named Winter on the beach. He then helps the dolphin recover and eventual fit with a prosthetic tail. And of course, through the use of movie magic, Sawyer comes out of his shell and gains a bunch of new friends after all is said and done! So, to all of you lonely little boys and girls out there- comb your local beaches for hurt wildlife if you want friends!

Mommy! This means I'm going to have friends now!

   But in all seriousness, Dolphin Tale did have a good message. Winter is a great inspiration to a lot of people, especially those who are handicapped themselves. The film ended with real footage, showing hundreds of people flocking to see Winter and hear her story. The material used for her prosthetic fin has also been used in those for humans and other animals. I think the story would have been more interesting if it were a documentary and not a full length movie. 
  I am going to do something a little different this time. Instead of writing paragraphs about the technical aspects of the film, I will just list that all below:

Sight: The film is shot like any family flick, with no special tricks or camera angles. There are scenes with multiple instances of awful CGI, including one where a RC helicopter goes loose in the aquarium. The scene doesn't fit at all and just pushed me off into the deep end of disgust. 
Sound: Dolphin Tale is a Michael Jackson song away from ripping off of Free Willy even more. But instead, we get the now overplay Jason Mraz song "I'm Yours" because of it's laid back, tropical and wide appeal. 
Skill: The movie does have an impressive cast. Morgan Freeman plays the doctor who makes the fake fin and he is incredible as always. Without him, the film would have sunk into even lower depths. The boy who plays Sawyer shows that there is hope for some child actors, even though more than half the time they are awful. 
Script: The script is nothing special. If awards were given out for how sappy and cheesy a movie can be, then this one would have walked away with them all. 

Overall: 4.3/10 

Best Quote: 
Winter: "Kee Kee Kee!" (or something like that)

Oh, and the film features a pelican. Pelicans and Family Circus are two things I hate more than anything in the entire world. So for that, Dolphin Tale, I say f**k off. 
The devil himself asked God for permission to make this bird. 

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