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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Jan 30: The Perfect Host


Jan 30: The Perfect Host

"A criminal on the run cons his way into the wrong dinner party where the host is anything but ordinary."

   The Perfect Host is what you would get if you combine American Psycho, Beetle Juice, and Frasier. It's an interesting film that has a lot going for it; but, in the end, it is just a little too weird for its own good. David Hyde Pierce is brilliant, as always. He plays Warwick, an unsuspecting man who lets a criminal into his home whom he believes to be a friend of one of his acquaintances. His mannerisms, from the changes in his voice to the way he walks, are devilishly amusing. The film, however, turns in a completely different direction and it is because of this fact that The Perfect Host is really too hard to review without giving a lot away. 

Hint: He is not a sled nor Luke's father. 

   The best part of The Perfect Host is the acting. Both of the main roles, Pierce as the Host and Clayne Crawford as the criminal, are excellent. The film is pretty much just the two of them and the dialogue between the two is sharp, smart, and unexpected. The two are completely different characters and it's in their contrast that the film succeeds. The script is hilarious, disturbing, and very clever and the way it all unfolds is curiously entertaining. 

One hell of a dinner party

    One complaint I have of The Perfect Host is that the pacing, at times, was uneven and a handful of scenes feel out of place or just too weird compared to the rest of the film. There also seems to be multiple endings and the film teases you with each one. You think it's over, then a new scene begins and it grows a little tiresome. The "gimmick" of the film, if that is how I'd explain it, is interesting, but that does become slightly annoying as the film progresses. Overall, the film is entertaining in its own way, and I would recommend it. 

Sight: As the film grows darker in tone, the camera picks up on that and becomes grittier and edgier. 
Sound: The film's score is composed of mostly songs played on the radio and also features a rather odd dancer number. 
Skill: David Hyde Pierce is phenomenal, and the character of Warwick seems completely made for him. 
Script: The script is smart and original, but at many times, too bizarre. 

Overall: 6.8/10

Best Quote:
Warwick: "You can't kill me, I'm having a dinner party."

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