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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Aug 27: Muppet Treasure Island


Aug 27: Muppet Treasure Island

"The Muppets are back into action in another movie based on a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Kermit the Frog and his colleagues go on a warfare against ruthless pirates."
Directed by: Brian Henson, Rated: G, 99 minutes

Muppet Treasure Island is hands down my favorite Muppet movie. I saw it in theaters when I was  seven and have since seen it probably close to a couple dozen times. It has a special place in my heart and every time I watch it I'm constantly smiling and singing along with all the songs. To some surprise, I'm actually not the greatest at quoting movies (never have been), but to give you an idea of how much I love this film, I can almost quote it word for word, it's that special. In fact, this movie is what turned me on to the Muppets and it's been quite one hell of a relationship since. 

So perfect... So fun

The film is a re-telling of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, Treasure Island, and incorporates our favorite felted friends into the story. Jim Hawkins (Kevin Bishop) is a young boy who inherits a treasure map from his pirate friend, Billy Bones (Billy Connolley). As he has no means of acquiring a ship, Jim enlists the help of Fozzie Bear, the son of a shipping tycoon, and becomes a cabin boy on the Hispanolia, a ship captained by Kermit the Frog. The ship's cook, Long John Silver (the perfect Tim Curry), befriends Jim and welcomes him on board as a true sailor and explorer. Of course, Tim Curry is never what he seems, and it turns out he's a pirate looking to not only start a mutiny, but steal the treasure map and the eventual gold. Kermit and crew become aware of his dastardly plot and plan to send Silver and his henchman, but Silver kidnaps Jim. Thus, Kermit, Gonzo, Rizzo and company must make their way to the island, save Jim and stop Silver from taking the gold that's rightfully theirs (kind of). While the plot is familiar, the Muppets inject a whole lot of energy and fun into the story and even add some ridiculously catchy songs. As it is a norm for Muppet flicks, the characters wink at the camera and let you know that it is indeed a movie. Each nod towards the audience is an unexpected (but expected) surprise and leaves you even more entertained, knowing full well that it is indeed a true Muppet movie. 

Similar to other Muppet movies, Gonzo and Rizzo provide an almost in-movie narrative, with tongue-in-cheek remarks

Besides the Muppets themselves, the highlights of the film are Tim Curry and the soundtrack. Curry is clearly having so much fun in the movie and he relishes in the fact he not only gets to work with Kermit the Frog, but the fact he gets to play one of the greatest villains in literature history. He's terrific as Long John Silver and every time he's on screen, you can't help but smile at how amazing he is. Along with his presence, he has one hell of a voice, and each song he sings in this memorable soundtrack makes it all even better. From "Shiver My Timbers" to "Sailing For Adventure", the soundtrack can be sung over and over again. As I mentioned, I know the words, I sing along, and I love every minute of it. Unlike most Muppet movies, this one is rather contained and doesn't feature as many cameos as their previous outings, but when you have Curry as the "star", there's very little more you need. 

Look how much fun he's having! 

As you can tell, I would highly recommend this film. Chances are (if you had an awesome childhood), you've already seen it. But the film is so damn good I implore you to revisit it and see how good it's actually stayed. The humor is for both adults and for kids and in that, the funny parts actually grow up with you. With a great soundtrack and an even better cast, Muppet Treasure Island is a must watch for all ages, genders, races, creeds, and species. 

The Good:
seeing our favorite Muppets in another movie, based off the classic book
The Better:
memorable songs that you can't help but sing along with and that even linger in your mind for days afterward
The Best:
Tim Curry... where has this man's career gone!? 

Overall: 9.3/10

I couldn't find a great trailer for the movie, so I included the first song from the film. 

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At September 3, 2012 at 8:56 AM , Blogger Margaret Perry said...

I love this movie! It would be my favorite Muppet movie, only I love The Muppet Christmas Carol better (but hey, you can't compete with CHRISTMAS!)

At September 3, 2012 at 11:20 AM , Blogger Nick said...

A Muppet Christmas Carol is a CLOSE CLOSE 2nd. The ghosts in that film are creepy! lol


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