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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: The Trailer Park- Part Bana, Part Butter, With a Little Bit of Cage and A Whole Lot of Ahnuld


The Trailer Park- Part Bana, Part Butter, With a Little Bit of Cage and A Whole Lot of Ahnuld

I apologize for the lack of features that aren't reviews lately, just been a little too busy to write other things. This edition of The Trailer Park features probably the weirdest combination of trailers so there's plenty to be enjoyed by all kinds of fans. 

Stolen, directed by Simon West, Sept. 14
What's the best way to start a feature? Nic Cage, of course. Cage's newest film, Stolen, follows a ridiculously generic plot and has the production value of something straight to DVD. It also features a crazy looking Josh Lucas who looks to be either absolutely awesome as the villain or just bat-shit crazy stupid. On the plus side, the trailer gives the film gives you a little taste of Taken (but with The Cage!) and is directed by Simon West (The Expendables 2), so you know the action will deliver. 

Deadfall, directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky Sept. 14
There is so much to like about this trailer. Eric Bana (who as I've stated needs to be in everything), Olivia Wilde, and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy). I have a feeling that this trailer doesn't quite sell the film but with that cast alone I'm on board for watching it. It's always hard to see a movie set in snow and not compare it to Fargo, but here's hoping that Deadfall isn't all heavy drama and actually has a little bit of humor. 

Butter directed by Jim Field Smith Oct. 4
It's just a coincidence that this is another film featuring Olivia Wilde but she does look a lot more... "interesting" in Butter than she does in Deadfall. The film also features Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, Alicia Silverstone and Rob Corddry, who from early screenings of the film (as well as the trailer) apparently provides the most laughs in the film. I think this film has potential on being a little gem and while I hope that the style is similar to say, Waiting for Guffman or Best in Show, I'm still hesitant on saying it could be amazing. 

The Last Stand directed by Jee-woon Kim Jan 18
I don't care what anyone says about this trailer, I cannot wait for this movie to come out. Directed Jee-woon Kim is one of the best directors working today and this is actually his American film debut, so there's a lot to wonder about. All I can say is that I have absolute faith in the man and you can expect to see me come opening weekend. Plus, it's a January release, nothing else good comes out during that month so go watch this mindless piece of awesome. 

Seven Psychopaths directed by Martin McDonaugh Oct. 12
Because I can't talk about this movie enough, here's the trailer again. Enjoy.

I've always wondered about crossing the boundary between film and TV on this blog. I figured if I ever did such a thing, it would have to be for something I love the hell out of, thus the trailer for the new season of Doctor Who, premiering September 1. Stay Calm and Trust the Doctor. 



At August 24, 2012 at 9:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doctor Who is all kinds of awesome!

At August 24, 2012 at 9:32 AM , Blogger Nick said...

It most certainly is! I can't wait!


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