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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Feb 3: Frozen


Feb 3: Frozen

"Three skiers are stranded on a chairlift and forced to make life-or-death choices that prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death."

   Frozen is a movie that's not bad, but not great... just average. The premise is unique and the whole idea adds a lot to the film, but the dialogue and resulting actions are just a little too weak to make this a great movie. The acting by the stranded three is pretty good, and all three are rather likable, even if the choices they make are ridiculously stupid. The actors are all familiar as it's the kid from Air Bud, Iceman from X-Men and the girl who played the sister of the annoying blonde whore in The Walking Dead

I pray to the writers this woman becomes zombie 

   One thing I have to give the filmmakers credit for is that the film is shot entirely without the use of CGI or green screens. The actors were actually sitting 50 feet above the ground, suspended in a lift. Some of the crew weren't even able to do some of the work because they were afraid of heights. Imagine what King Kong would have looked like if the director couldn't even handle a ladder. 

Little do the people below know, a giant ape is somewhere above. 

   Frozen is the kind of movie that deserves props for being what it is. It's a solid effort to make an original survival story but it all seems to fall flat in the end. There just isn't a lot you can do sitting in a ski lift for 90 minutes that makes for a compelling movie. The only added suspense (besides the obvious of being stranded in the air) is wolves, and even they just play a small part in the film. The whole thing kind of gives you a chill, from the graphic scenes (broken bones and frostbitten hands) to the fact that the characters are literally freezing their asses (and hands and toes and faces) off. The film has scenes that psychologically get under your skin, but the way it all plays out just takes that extra "bite" out of the horror of it all. 

The Good:
Original idea with solid acting and a handful of cringe worthy moments
The Bad:
The execution of that original idea and the weak dialogue
The Ugly:
Falling asleep with your bare hand holding onto a metal pole, only to wake up with it frozen to it

Overall: 5.8/10

Best Quote:
Wolf #1: (howls)

Recommended Related Awesome:
Buried- for the similar claustrophobic feeling 
The Edge- Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin fight a bear
Into the Wild- Emile Hirsch needs to be in more movies
127 Hours- Mr. Franco cuts off his arm, you see it happen (spoiler: it's gross)
The Way Back- a trek across an entire continent... beautifully shot

P.S Apparently completely frost bitten hands are still able to tightly grip things and wolves are very populous in New England 

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