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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Nicolas Cage Week: Third Edition


Nicolas Cage Week: Third Edition

Well, it's back. Another week dedicated to the great Nicolas Cage and the movies of his career. This is the third week dedicated to the living screen legend and looks to prove to be one of the most entertaining. Unlike the last two that were just me simply reviewing his flicks, I might throw in a feature or two about the Cage into the mix. Also, as I have participated in a couple of blogathons myself, I am more than open to having any of you out there send me reviews, articles, or features you've written yourself about Nic Cage. I'll compile them all together for a super post at the end of the week. No matter what, you can't contain the Cage. You can only love the shit out of the man and admire his rather unusual talents. 

In Cage We Trust.



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