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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: As You Watch: Episode II- Dick Tracy


As You Watch: Episode II- Dick Tracy

My recent podcast I started with Bubba from Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights, Joe from Two Dude Review, and Vern from Vern's Videovangaurd has been incredibly fun recording. This time around, we have a logo, a theme song (thanks to The Jelly Project), and a little more confidence and energy to it all. This week's feature film was Dick Tracy, but we also discuss the DVD releases (Battleship, Think Like a Man, The Lucky One), as well as Lawless and The Possession, two films hitting theaters this week. To wrap it all up, we discuss our three favorite underrated gangster flicks and play our game, The Battle of Wits. We're actually taking turns hosting the actual podcast on our respective blogs, so this week head over to Bubba's site and check it out. 

Listen Here

Episode I can be found here

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