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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: March 18: Jesus Camp


March 18: Jesus Camp

"A documentary on kids who attend a summer camp hoping to become the next Billy Graham."

   This is going to be a tough review to write. I need to drop all biases I have  or this will go into a territory that would start up one too many conversations. So, here's my attempt at a review of such a controversial film, with equally questionable themes. 

But we all know this Guy reads the blog. 

   Solely, as a documentary, Jesus Camp is hauntingly effective. It presents stories and people that are real and it doesn't force you into believing one thing or another. There's no obvious bias, leading you to no specific conclusion the filmmakers want you to feel. The film is simply a presentation.   Any movie about religion will raise flags for everyone, and seeing this kind of approach is probably the way you could talk about the subject without really drawing lines in the sand. What's captured on film, however, is very questionable and leads to many questions wanting many answers, but are left for you to decide on or seek out on your own. 

Even Mr. Trebek can't help you now. 

   I really can't stretch this review out much longer without losing my temper and saying things I shouldn't. With Jesus Camp, you'll either find a horror story of an organization seemingly brainwashing children or a nice little tale about young kids finding God and spreading his word to as many people as they can. Jesus Camp is an experience, simply put. It will definitely spark certain emotions, but as to which ones is simply up to the viewer and his or her beliefs. 

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:
Faith and religion and how something so good can be so bad and so confusing and so controversial and so helpful and so interesting and so unique to each and every person

Overall: 6.0/10


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