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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: March 10: Daybreakers


March 10: Daybreakers

"In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind."

   First off, take a look at that poster. It's pretty awesome. Just need to state that right away. Daybreakers, as a film, is just as cool. It's bloody, it's violent, it's original, and it has a good chunk of badassness. Ethan Hawke stars as Edward Dalton, a vampire scientist who goes rogue (he joins humans, not eats (or falls in pedophilic love with) humans) and finds that there may be a cure for vampirism. And, as the world's blood levels run low, a cure or blood replacement is very important.  It's never meant to be taken seriously and it relishes in that fact, going over-the-top with the action and style. It's fun, and in a time where a new vampire movie hits the market every time a Twihard hits puberty, Daybreakers is a breath of fresh air. 

Thankfully, teenage tears do not contribute to box office dollars. 

   Now, Daybreakers is not perfect. It has it's faults. None of the acting is incredible and, even Hawke, who I am a huge fan of, overacts at times. Sam Neil, who plays the villain, is his usual self and, as time goes on, he continues to show that he's just going to keep being himself in every thing he does. Which isn't horrible, but gets the slightest bit repetitive. However, everything does work very well when combined together. It's a great combination of Equilibrium, From Dusk til Dawn, and Blade. Oh, and it has Willem Dafoe. Playing a guy named Elvis. Yes, Elvis. 

All vampires need swords. 

   Overall, I enjoyed Daybreakers a lot more than I thought I would. Vampire movies are getting disgustingly stale, and finally watching something fresh and original in the genre gives me hope that vampires, as a "species", are not ruined (also see 30 Days of Night). The action throughout is intense and fun, the gore and blood is just enough, and the suspense keeps you interested, at the edge of your seat. The special effects are hit and miss while being mostly good, but the style of the film itself gives plenty to the dark, moody setting. I would definitely recommend Daybreakers

The Good:
a very, very original story
The Bad:
just an OK script with about the same quality of acting
The Ugly:
knowing that more films like this won't be coming along as often as every Twilight movie we're all polluted with

Overall: 7.5/10

Best Quote:
Elvis: "Living in a world where vampires are the dominant species is about as safe as bare backing a 5 dollar whore."


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