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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Box Office Talk: November 2


Box Office Talk: November 2

Last weekend saw all four of its new releases open in disappointing fashion. Part of the blame can be associated with Hurricane Sandy, the storm that ravaged the Northeastern seaboard. Unfortunately, most of the blame falls at the feet of the studios for releasing such disappointing films.
This weekend three new films are being released, with one having the potential to do very well and another doing exceedingly well. The third film however, could under-perform or just about meet expectations.
The Man with the Iron Fists is a kung-fu film written, directed and starring RZA Although Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu also have parts in the film, it’s doubtful that it’s going to be enough to draw anything more than fans of the specific genre.
Flight is a compelling looking movie for a variety of reasons. First is director Robert Zemeckis, directing his first non-animated feature film since 2000′s Castaway. Zemeckis has a storied history of directing intense, dramatic films. Second is two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, who plays pilot Whip Whitaker. Finally is the film’s theme, which is addiction. As someone raised in a family in which many battles against addiction were fought, and most lost, I’m very interested in seeing how the theme plays out within the film’s story.
The last film and the one that has the most potential is Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. Disney has done a perfect job of marketing this movie, and having seen it at a screening two weeks ago I can say that the film is wonderful and appeals to all ages. Wreck-It Ralph has the look of being the next big franchise in Disney’s stable, and I will be definitely seeing it again this weekend.

Joe's Box Office Predictions

1Wreck-It Ralph$52,000,000
4The Man with
the Iron Fists
5Hotel Transylvania$6,100,000
6Cloud Atlas$5,800,000
7Taken 2$4,200,000
8Paranormal Activity 4$3,800,000
9Silent Hill: Revelation$3,500,000

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