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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Trailer Park: Stoker, McClane, Cavemen, and More


Trailer Park: Stoker, McClane, Cavemen, and More

Stoker, Directed by: Chan-wook Park, March 1, 2013
So the first trailer for Stoker raped my face off in all of its awesome, but this international trailer takes it to an entirely new level. This movie looks downright gorgeous with a lot of creep thrown in the mix. Of course, that's what you would expect from Chan-wook Park, the director of Oldboy. It's also rather curious that Wentworth Miller (yes, from Prison Break) wrote the script, which can be either horrible or "oh my god he can write better than he can act!". Oh, and the movie also features Mia Wasikowska, who I'm beginning to wnat to watch in everything she's in, Nicole Kidman, and the incredible underrated Matthew Goode.

A Good Day to Die Hard, Directed by: John Moore, Feb 14, 2013
While I wish the Die Hard movies would go back to a smaller scale like the first one, with a villian on par with Hans Gruber, I'll still watch John McClane in anything. This sweet little teaser for the franchise's fifth installment is just that.. a teaser. Explosions, laughs, a McClane grin, and plenty of action in a little under a minute, A Good Day to Die Hard has already filled up your schedule on a post-apocalyptic Valentine's Day. 

Broken City, Directed by: Allen Hughes, Jan 18, 2013
How many times does that Kanye West song have to sleazeball itself into trailers? Looking at the trailer itself though, it looks very generic. Broken City almost screams direct-to-DVD but with a cast as packed as it is, it apparently warrants a theatrical run. I do have to admit seeing an orange and tanned Russell Crowe sporting a New York accent looks too much fun to pass up, but the story honestly appears to be rather terrible. Call me underwhelmed. Oh, and it's a January release, a time where movies go to die. 

The Croods, Directed by: Kirk De Micco & Chris Sanders, March 23, 2013
This movie screams awesome and it screams terrible. On one hand, it's directed by the guy who gave us How to Train Your Dragon, on the other, it's directed by another guy who gave us Space Chimps. The trailer looks great (visual wise), yes, but with such two complete opposites sharing the helm, The Croods could swing either way. I'm hoping it'll be more like Dragon. Nicolas Cage also provides the voice of the caveman patriarch, which is awesome on all different levels. Seeing him as a caveman sounds like something I'd die to see in a live-action movie though...

Five Word Trailers:

Parker, Directed by: Taylor Hackford, Jan 23, 2013
Statham in a cowboy hat. 

The Lone Ranger, Directed by: Gore Verbinski, July 3, 2013
F**k you Johnny Deppp. Hard.

The Guilt Trip, Directed by: Anne Fletcher, Dec 25, 2012
A Jewish road-trip. With Mom.   

Movie 43, Directed by: Everyone, Jan 25, 2013
Famous people repaying favors. Poop. 



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