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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: The Trailer Park: Jack Reacher


The Trailer Park: Jack Reacher

I've stated plenty of times before that while I may not be the biggest fan of Tom Cruise and his personal life, I love the living daylights out of all of his films. The guy is a true action star and doesn't seem to age, giving us high-paced action movies every year. Cruise's Christmas gift to us all this year is Jack Reacher, the film adaptation of Lee Child's popular book series. We had a teaser for the movie a couple months ago, but we now get a better look at the film's plot and action with this full-length trailer. And I have to admit, it looks all sorts of awesome. 

Jack Reacher follows Cruise in the titular role, a former US Military Police Major who now makes a living as a homicidal investigator, trying to prove the innocence of other former military men. After a man is accused of murdering five people, Reacher is called into prove his innocence. Of course, as everything would go, he finds himself uncovering more than he bargained for and finds himself and a beautiful lawyer (Rosamund Pike) in danger. The film also stars Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog (I love when he acts), Robert Duvall, and Michael Raymond-James. 

While some people complain that Cruise doesn't fit the build for the title character, as he's apparently a brute of a man in the books, Jack Reacher still looks like a lot of fun. I'm hoping that it delivers on the action and has just the right amount of humor that Cruise is known for. From what I've read about the source material, the story sounds to be much smarter than your usual action flick and I hope that the twists and turns we see along the way are more unexpected than predictable. Jack Reacher hits theaters December 21. 

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