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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: New Look, New Problems


New Look, New Problems

It's pretty obvious, but if any of you are first time visitors, the site has been completely revamped with a new look and layout. In the process of the changeover, however, the Reply button on comments refuses to work and after trying my hardest to find a solution, I decided to ask for help. 

I use Blogger and am positive the issue is somewhere in the HTML code. The template gives me the option of resetting the widgets to default, which does fix the reply issue, but it also changes the layout. My question is if any of you know of a way to reset one particular widget and not all of them. 

If any of you have an idea, feel free to comment below. If any of you also know HTML or Javascript, comment below or email me and I can send you the code I'm looking at. I'd appreciate any help, if possible, as this entire thing has given me a huge headache. 

Until then, I apologize for being unable to respond to comments immediately but instead, look for new comments I post below to relation to what you've left. Thanks for understanding and I hope to get it fixed sooner than later. 


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