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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: April 28: Everything Must Go


April 28: Everything Must Go

"When an alcoholic relapses, causing him to lose his wife and his job, he holds a yard sale on his front lawn in an attempt to start over. A new neighbor might be the key to his return to form."

Will Ferrell can act. He's much more than a man-child obsessed with being naked in everything he makes. Everything Must Go is a fine example of his acting ability and is a refreshing look at the man himself. The movie tells the story of Nick (Ferrell) who loses his job and comes home to find his wife has left all of his belongings on their front lawn, only to realize she's left him as well. As he struggles to figure out what to do, he makes friends with two neighbors. Kenny (Christopher Jordan Wallace), a teenage boy with a good head on his shoulders and Samantha (Rebecca Hall), a pregnant woman who moves in across the street. Through his relationships with these two and the rest of his community, Nick is able to reevaluate his life and move on. 

Rebecca Hall is sexy. That is all. 

Everything Must Go is a good movie. However, it never exceeds into the realm of greatness. It's an intangible feeling you can't quite explain as the movie never amazes you but just leaves you with a smile. The acting is by far the best part of the film. Ferrell becomes Nick, never overplaying the part or trying hard for a laugh. He's human and relatable and you sympathize with him and the struggles he goes through. Ferrell and Wallace have incredible chemistry and newcomer Wallace is actually able to keep up with Ferrell on every level. Rebecca Hall is beautiful as Samantha, and her fragility and tenderness are on full display. She has her own problems to deal with and, together with Nick, they help each other work it out. 

I lied, that wasn't all. Here's another.

I would recommend Everything Must Go. It's a refreshing look at Ferrell, who lately has become a little stale with sub-par comedies (Land of the Lost, The Other Guys). He shows he has more talent than just making us laugh and/or cringe and that he could actually have a solid dramatic career ahead of him. Everything Must Go is a heart-warming story that doesn't leave you in tears or with a sore side from laughing, but happy. It's sweet, it's relatable, and you can't help but like it to some extent.

The Good:
Will Ferrell showing he's much more than Ron Ricky Bobby Burgandy
The Bad:
needed more interaction between the main characters
The Ugly:
a sad part of the film showing the low-points of being an alcoholic and how miserable one can become when denied their addiction

Overall: 7.3/10


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