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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: The Justice League- My Cast


The Justice League- My Cast

Warner Bros. recently announced that their thought to be dead movie adaption of The Justice League is back on track. In 2007, George Miller, the director of Mad Max and Happy Feet (weird, I know) had a full cast and even a script for a JL movie. However, with budget issues and tax reasons, the film never was and WB canceled the project. Obviously, now that Marvel is raking in billions with The Avengers, Warner Bros. won't sit by idly while they have all the fun (and the money). I can't be more excited about this idea as I am a true DC fan-boy at heart and can only imagine the places that they could go with the film. If you don't know, WB already has a planned Batman reboot after The Dark Knight Rises concludes Christopher Nolan's godly trilogy, so the next adaption could be an introduction to an entirely shared DC universe with all the heroes running around together with Gotham City being a quick trip away from Metropolis. The possibilities are endless and, of course, when anything along these lines comes to the public's attention, everyone imagines his or her perfect cast. The following is my idea for a cast for The Justice League. Keep in mind, Warner Bros. is probably going to go with a much younger cast than that of The Avengers and I also wanted to think a little more outside of the box for each role.

Founding Members

Superman is The Man of Steel and unofficial leader of The Justice League. He's the strongest of the League and the ultimate symbol of good. He's strong, wise, and pretty much perfect in every way. He has nearly every super power in the book and can do no wrong. Christopher Reeve is arguably the best man to ever play Superman as he carried his films with wonderful charisma and charm, balancing between a clumsy Clark Kent and the powerful hero. Tom Welling did a great job in the role on the small screen and some can argue that Brandon Routh did a fine job in Superman Returns. Henry Cavil jumps into the blue suit next year in The Man of Steel and I can only be optimistic of his performance. Thinking that Warner Bros. may be fast-tracking the JL movie, Cavil may be the convenient and obvious choice. However, if The Man of Steel doesn't bring in big bucks, WB may look elsewhere for a new Son of Krypton.

Miller's Superman was: D.J Cotrona 
My Pick: Matt Bomer 
He has the looks, the charisma, and the talent to not only lead, but kick a whole lot of ass. He's the star of USA's White Collar and I am waiting to see his jump to the big screen. Lately, it seems, to make it big as a movie star, you need to play a superhero and I think Bomer has what it takes. 

Other Choices: 

Alex Russell (Chronicle) Joe Manganiello, of True Blood fame or Jamie Dornan, best known for his role as Sheriff Graham on Once Upon a Time

Batman, in my opinion, is the hardest to cast for a Justice League movie because Christian Bale's turn in the black cowl will be fresh in all of our minds. However, we knew he couldn't play The Dark Knight forever and his turn as our favorite caped crusader would eventually come to an end. Not only is this the hardest casting but I think it will also bring the most pressure to the man to take the role. Batman is a mysterious, mastermind detective and one of the greatest martial artists in the world. Whoever takes over the role needs to be able to brood away in the Bat Cave and Sherlock his way through the streets of Gotham. He needs to be someone that looks good in a suit (for the Bruce Wayne persona) but also someone that you'd hate to run into in a dark alleyway. 

Miller's Batman was: Armie Hammer
My Pick: 
I actually agree with George Miller on this one. Armie Hammer would be an excellent choice for the role of Bruce Wayne and for Batman. He is a terrific actor, he's huge (6'5), and he has a deep, almost menacing voice that would fit perfectly for the role. He's really meant for this role and while he has yet to find huge success after his performance in The Social Network, I believe a turn at ol' Bats would make him the star he deserves to be. Plus, he already has lived the life of a young millionaire, but did end up giving up his wealth to pursue acting

Other Choices:
Luke Evans (Immortals), even Jake Gyllenhaal, or Joel Edgerton (Warrior)

The Flash can be considered the comic relief of The Justice League and also the most immature of the group. He is wise-cracking and quick to act and his mistakes usually have to be fixed by other JLers. He is, however, an excellent fighter and hero and certainly deserves his spot in the League. Whoever plays him needs to be genuinely funny while being believable as someone that could actually save the world. Not just any comedian could be Wally West. Earlier in his career, I thought Ryan Reynolds would be the perfect Flash, but after his stints in the X-Men franchise and as the Green Lantern, any hope of him donning the lightning bolt across his chest are no more. 

Miller's Flash was: Adam Brody
My Pick: Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles would be the perfect Flash. He's smooth talking and genuinely funny. He could easily play the immature and sometimes careless Flash and although Miller's choice of Adam Brody is a great one, I really believe Ackles would make the role his own. 

Other Choices:
Adam Brody or Ryan Kwanten 

Wonder Woman is the most popular female superhero in the world. She's pretty much a female version of Superman and definitely one of the leaders of the Justice League. She's determined, strong as hell, and very serious at first, as she's learning to adapt to the world outside of her Amazonian home. She's also a princess, but not like the royalty we know, as she is a warrior princess. She represents the strongest of women and should definitely not be sexualized, as her creation was founded on equal rights for men and women. Whoever plays her needs to represent everything righteous and needs to be a symbol of strength and good will. 

Miller's Wonder Woman was: Megan Gale
My Pick: Morena Baccarin 

She's tough and in charge and has the exotic look to her I would associate with Wonder Woman. She's not necessarily tall, but she is strong and I could definitely see her with the golden bracelets and lasso of truth. She's also a fan-boy's dream after playing the role of Inara Serra on Firefly and even has done some voice-work for DC, connecting her to the JL universe in a way. 

Other Choices: 
Michelle Monaghan (Source Code), Gemma Arterton (Prince of Persia), Natassia Malthe (DOA)

So, George Miller cast the rapper Common as his Green Lantern, leading me to assume that it will be John Stewart as GL and not the Hal Jordan we came to know in Ryan Reynolds' superhero bomb. Assuming this is correct, John Stewart is a much more serious and stern Lantern than Jordan. Stewart is a war hero who has trouble with authority but learns to wield the power of the ring and becomes a tremendous hero of the universe. He's much wiser than most heroes and takes his responsibilities as the Green Lantern very seriously. Whoever is to play Stewart needs to be able to be strict without being too belligerent. 

Miller's Green Lantern was: Common
My Pick: Idris Elba
Whenever a big role for an African American comes up, Idris Elba's name always seems to be in the mix. However, even though he's an absolutely incredible actor, he has yet to have the chance to star in a big blockbuster and I can't understand why. He's phenomenal in everything he's in, be it The Wire, Luther, or even his small role in Thor. The man's got one hell of a presence and I can't see anyone but him in the role, even though he will probably not get it. 

Other Choices:
Boris Kodjoe (Resident Evil: Afterlife), Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker)

I'll admit, I've never really liked Aquaman. He started off as a ridiculously lame hero, talking to aquatic friends like he's on a Saturday morning cartoon show. But in later incarnations, Aquaman has become much more regal, serious and to an extent- badass. Shifting from Flipper's best friend to King of Atlantis can change a character overnight. Whoever plays the role needs to be authoritative and in charge, as he is a king after all. 

Miller's Aquaman was: Santiago Cabrera 
My Pick: Ben Barnes
He's already played royalty as Prince Caspian in the Narnia movies and proved he can wield a sword (sure, Aquaman uses a Trident, but close enough). He also has great hair, which for some reason I feel to be a crucial part to the role. 

Other Choices:
Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) or Alexander Skarsgard (yes, another True Blood actor)

Martian Manhunter is pretty much a cooler version of Superman. With similar powers, plus telekinetic and shape-shifting abilities, he's the Justice League's behind the scenes guy. He's an alien, like Superman, but actually looks like a martian, thus his name. His biggest weakness, however, is fire and he tends to let Superman and the rest of the league do most of the fighting while he does the thinking, strategizing, and planning. He's incredibly wise as well as strong and is somewhat a combination of Superman and Batman making him the ultimate JLer. Whoever plays him has one hell of a pair of shoes to step into and needs to be able to be believable as a genius, quiet, incredibly strong hero. 

Miller's Manhunter was: Hugh Keays-Byrne
My Pick: Benedict Cumberbatch

This was a very tough role to cast because the Martian Manhunter is so unique. He may be incredibly strong, but he is not very built, so going for a big actor wasn't necessary. Assuming the majority of the performance will be motion capture, the actor's voice is one of the most important parts of the casting. My choice would be Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock). He has a deep, much older voice and he's also one hell of an actor. I can also see him stepping in the leader role whenever Superman or Batman are unable to as he has a very commanding presence. 

Other Choices: 
Doug Jones, the man can play anyone or anything

What do you think of my picks? Who do you think should play each role? The thought of the film happening is exciting enough and speculating and "dream" casting is always fun. 

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At August 20, 2012 at 9:51 PM , Blogger Two Tickets For... said...

HOW do you not have any comments on this post???

(This is Andrew, btw. It's late and I'm on location working waiting for my editor to finish color correcting stuff.)

Anyhoo....I'm 100% with you on your Superman pick. Before Cavill was cast for Snyder's film I told Sarah I thought Bomer should be the guy. I still do.

I remember hearing that Armie was the choice for Batman and while I think he'll look the part when he's in costume, I'm not so sure about his voice. It's soooo unique, and if he uses his normal voice it'll just sound/look weird to me. I like the Edgerton pick. I think he could def look and sound the part. And he DEFINITELY knows how to do fight scenes.

I still think Ryan Reynolds could pull of The Flash. I think it's better if everyone just forgets about The Green Lantern and let him find something that fits.

Nice choice with Baccarin. You're right, she might not necessarily look the part physique-wise, but she's exotic looking and can do physical stuff. Gina Carano would do well, too, methinks.

I love Idris Elba and I'm still pissed he had to drop out of Alex Cross, but if they did go the route you think they will for The Green Lantern, he's gotta be the guy.

As for the others, I'm not so sure about those characters and what actors would fill the roles well. But you certainly picked some that would seem to fit it. I like this post, Nick! Keep up the good work!

At August 20, 2012 at 9:54 PM , Blogger Nick said...

Thank you for commenting. I'll admit, I was rather disappointed no one showed some love as it took a long time to write lol.

Gina Carano would be an interesting choice. I thought about her for awhile as WW but am not sure of her acting abilities right now in her career.

At August 21, 2012 at 8:35 PM , Blogger Two Tickets For... said...

That's the one down side I see to Carano being WW. But she certainly has the look and fighting ability.

At August 21, 2012 at 9:09 PM , Blogger Nick said...

Yes she does. And she's sexy. Dat smile!

At October 7, 2012 at 2:32 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Some rather interesting choices there.

At October 7, 2012 at 3:04 PM , Blogger Nick said...

Thank you!


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