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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Feb 24: Rampage


Feb 24: Rampage

"A man with a thirst for revenge builds a full body armor from Kevlar and goes on a killing spree."

   Uwe Boll is possibly one of the worst directors in the history of cinema. The fact that he even has the funding to make films is absolutely baffling, as he has continued to produce shit after shit. From House of the Dead, to Alone in the Dark, to Bloodrayne and Postal, Uwe Boll has disgraced the world of film with some of the worst images and dialogue of all time. Simply put, I hate the man and was very hesitant on watching another one of his films, per request of course. Rampage is one of Boll's original films, and not one of his "gems" based off of a video game. And, I am sad to say, it was slightly enjoyable. Those words were insanely hard to type and I best continue writing before I change my mind. 

F**k you. You're still a piece of shit. 

   Rampage follows a guy, played by Brendan Fletcher, who just kind of loses it and decides that the best way to vent his frustration is to go around his small little town and murder everyone he sees. He builds a suit of armor (everything bought online of course) and wanders the streets like some poor man's Iron Man mixed with a bit of S.W.A.T. Fletcher is actually one of the best parts of the film and, even though the dialogue he's given is pretty weak, he pulls off a convincing performance. He's carnal and seemingly slow but, come the ending, he's actually pretty smart. There is; however, no motivation to his killing and absolutely no story to explain his actions. There is no point to it all, but it still holds your attention (and I hate myself for admitting that). 

It's like Grand Theft Auto but, without the seemingly infinite amount of hookers. 

   Rampage is not a great film. The subject matter is creepy and the fact that there is no reasoning behind it makes it all the more disturbing. But then you realize there is no point to the film except to glorify violence a little bit more. It's baffling why parts of it actually work, but it does. The camerawork is awful and it's almost like Boll was drunk, stumbling all over the place, filming in between hiccups and vomiting. I don't recommend the film, nor do I say avoid it, but be warned it's just a f**ked up ride down Violence Road into a quiet little town called.... ah, screw it. Skip the film, Uwe Boll, go f**k yourself. 

The Good:
Brendan Fletcher and a rather amusing scene in a bingo hall
The Bad:
Actually watching something produced, directed, and written by Uwe Boll
The Ugly:
seeThe Bad

Overall: 5.2/10

Best Quote:
Bill: "Let's just clean the world... so that maybe some of us can sustain a little life! So, that's maybe what I'll do... in the future. I'll help you out. I'll help you out... and I will cleanse... make more room for you. I will exhibit my own brand of population control... for you. That's it."

P.S Do yourself a favor and go watch The Boondock Saints or Falling Down. Each film is a million times better than Rampage. 

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At February 24, 2012 at 10:46 PM , Blogger Josh Jones said...

I told ya it was watchable, I agree in no way is it a "great movie", but definitely a big WTF for Uwe Boll. Also agree with the Falling Down comparison, haven't seen that in a while.


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