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The Cinematic Katzenjammer: Watching a Movie Every Day in 2012


Watching a Movie Every Day in 2012

   A katzenjammer is defined, in short, as a hangover of some kind. So, in a way, this blog is going to be my hangover, the aftermath, and my reaction to movies that I watch.

   The end of every year not only brings in the new, but also has everyone "promising" to stick to resolutions and commitments. Many people have the mind set of starting new and starting fresh, but not many succeed and actually stick to it. This blog is an aid to my commitment to watch a movie every day in the year 2012. I guess you could call this blog the aspirin to relieve the "hangover" and remind me that even the worst movies aren't as bad as they seem and to keep loving the films that I sit through.

SIGHT, how well the film was shot
SOUND, includes the sound effects, score, and soundtrack
SKILL, how good the acting is
SCRIPT, how good the dialogue is

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